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Monday, March 28th, 2011
5:16 pm
A Plea
 Hello to my fellow writers,

Right now I'm sat at the Starbucks where this community first held a meeting in Berlin ages ago. And what can I say: After moody months of chronic muse arrest I've found back to writing.

But at the moment I'm more thinking of you guys, without having met you last time you were here together. In fact I'm really sad I had to miss the meeting back then. My friend Jen told me about it practically an hour before she came here. But I had class then. =(

So, here's my request (or shall I say plea) to this recently very silent community: I know this has been tried before but: Can we please try and have a second meet-up at the Starbucks after all this time?

The thing is: I'll probably have to leave Berlin to re-start college/uni after August and I'll eternally kick myself if we don't get anything together till then. If I get enough resonance, I'm more than ready to take care of Doodle'ing a fitting date and time for another meet-up.

Thank you for reading and commenting. =)

Lots of Love,

Current Mood: thoughtful
Thursday, February 26th, 2009
1:19 am
Poetry Reading Tomorrow
Hey Ladies!

Tomorrow a friend of mine is doing a poetry reading. Should be really good, I've read his stuff before and it's gorgeous. Anyone wanna come with? Details below:

Hey Everyone,

Get your poetry fix this week. We have a brand new spoken word kickin off on Thursday featuring Ryan Nash and me, Michael Haeflinger. I am doing (relatively) new pieces from my Berlin poems collection, that I was planning to do next month at Beat Street. Instead, next month will be poems I wrote this week in Istanbul.

Info from the e-lips of the enigmatic organizer, Lady Gaby:

sin club is in Schönleinstrasse 6 in Xköln..

Thursday 26th FEB, 9pm I will start a new evening of spokenword and poetry: Movin on with VERSES

each month, easy set up: two poets with multiple sets.

hosted by lady gaby
poets: Mike Haeflinger and Ryan Nash...both young American voices, twisting your minds with poems and verses
come and see their verses on BERLIN...


also, speaking of Beat Street, it's this Friday. Check out Alistair Noon reading from his new book and MC Jabber performing with a Portuguese bassist. Also on the bill: Moon and AnnElise Hollis and music by Jumpin' Joe Czarnecki (that's not his real name).

Beat Street is at Coffee Karma (Sonntagstr. 30) Feb 27 at 9pm. Hosted by Rob Grant.

see you at the show(s)

Wednesday, February 18th, 2009
5:01 pm
So I've been working on this short story. I wrote a bit of it and haven't touched it since as I, well, no longer like it. The only problem is I can't figure out WHY I don't like it? Is it too slow? Is the wording too wordy? If anyone's willing to have a peek it's located here: http://butcherandtheprincess.blogspot.com/
Wednesday, February 4th, 2009
4:32 pm
Woah, sorry for not popping in a note about how to spot me, everyone....I got in from a bar at 6:30am this morning to find that livejournal was down, so I crawled off to bed and only just got up!

In case anyone still manages to check this, I have black hair with a blunt fringe (bangs) that I wear in two tiny piggy tails, and I'll be wearing a little red silk scarf around my neck, 1960s air hostess style!

Also you can text me on 01764 9030 496
Wednesday, January 28th, 2009
5:05 pm
Hi everyone! Just wanted to confirm our first meetup next week! I hope everyone is able to come along :)

Wednesday February 4th @ 6pm

In the Starbucks at Hackescher Markt (40 Rosenthaler Strasse)

I'll find something really distinctive in my wardrobe to wear (perhaps a red hat?), and put a post up when I know what it is - that way you can spot me when you arrive! If anyone has any problems and needs to get in touch on the day, you can call or text me on 01764 9030 496 (Rose.)

The prompt, as I'm sure you all remember, is "his false teeth." For anyone who's utterly stuck on coming up with something, try this alternative: Write something that begins with the sentence:

"Walking into the room, the first thing she noticed were his false teeth in a glass by the bed." You fill in the rest! Perhaps a very, very short murder mystery!

If anyone wants to bring friends along or advertise this in any way, that would be great! I know that not everyone will have written something for our first meeting, so I'll bring paper and pens in case anyone gets caught up in the spirit of it and wants to bang something out while we're there :D

Ok, so that's all organised and groovy. I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Saturday, January 17th, 2009
5:58 pm
Hello! Sorry for the radio silence for the last little while - my social life has rather taken over my brain!

Now, looking over the comments on here, I've tried to work out what days and dates we could set a meeting for that everyone here would be able to make it to. As far as days, looks like Wednesdays are best (can everyone make Wednesdays?). And as for dates, we've got one member away from the 24th to the 29th of Jan, and since I don't want to rush us all with a meeting too soon, I thought maybe after the 29th would be best. So the next Wednesday after that is...

Wednesday the 4th of Feb. Let's say 6pm.

Let's have a quick poll: who can make it then? If we have agreement, I'll put up a short post confirming the time and date!

I'm sorry to make it so far away, but I want to make sure everyone has a chance to write something they feel ok about sharing! (Remember that you don't have to take the writing part too seriously - something silly will do just fine!)

As for a venue, I've decided that our placeholder venue - to be used only if nothing better comes up in the meantime - should be the big Starbucks at Hackescher Markt (40 Rosenthaler Strasse). I know it sounds tacky, but it is a nice place. Lots of armchairs, and open late. Myself and Sam, one of our members, will search valiantly for something a little less tacky, though, and if we find anything suitable we'll put up a post announcing the new venue. Otherwise I'll post directions to Starbucks. (Thanks for your help and enthusiasm, Sam!)

Thanks for reading everyone, and thanks for your patience. I look forward to meeting you all!
Friday, January 9th, 2009
10:19 pm
Prompt time!
Hi everyone!

I know we don't have a meeting date set yet, but while we sort that out I thought it might be useful to set a prompt for everyone to work with. So here it is:

"his false teeth"


You can interpret that any way you like: use the exact phrase somewhere in your piece, allude to it, write a character sketch about a man with false teeth, or write a poem using false teeth as a metaphor for the inevitability of death. Or something. 500 words or less - and less is just fine! If you chicken out at the last minute and don't want to read it out to the group after all, that's just fine! Come along anyway. And if you want to bring a printed copy or two to pass around, then awesome.

If you think this is a terrible prompt, let me know and I can come up with a better one. Or if it's too vague and you need more to work with, I can provide you with a super-specific version!

Also, just to pick a random date, would everyone be able to make a meetup on Tuesday the 20th of this month? Too soon? Inconvenient day?

I was thinking around 6pm, but then I don't have a normal job so I don't know if that works for most people :) Lemme know! I have a venue in mind in Mitte, between Hackescher Markt and Oranienburger Tor, but I'll need to speak to them first. I'll keep you posted.

x Rose.
Sunday, December 21st, 2008
6:51 am
Hi all!
Just thought I should pop an entry in here as a bit of a placeholder...

umm, so hello. When we've got a few members here, we can start dealing with a few practical matters, like thinking about venues and dates and whatnot. But for now, HELLO, HI, and I look forward to getting to know you all!

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